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INGREDIENTS: Di-water, Ethyl Alcohol, Titanate L12, Alkoxysilane, Sodium Gluconate, Mango Fragrance.

10 ml


12 month shelf life

keep Separate from adhesives when storing 

What is a lash booster?

Lash boosters are used to speed up glue curing time without causing shock polymerization, resulting in a faster lash application and treatment.

Lash accelerators are applied to the strip of artificial lashes only, and work hand in hand with your adhesive. You can keep applying the accelerator to the lash strips frequently throughout the treatment (every 45 minutes – 1 hour).

Its purpose is to speed up the setting time between the natural lash and artificial lash and make the eyelash adhesive cure quicker, resulting in maximum coverage in your treatment times.  

Benefits of lash booster

The most obvious advantage to using an accelerator is that it can change how your eyelash adhesive works. 

For example, if your humidity level drops the booster will help speed up the adhesive drying time.

Eyelash accelerators can also speed up the drying time of your slower setting adhesives. If you find yourself only having a slow adhesive in hand you can use the booster to make it faster.

Another benefit is that lash booster stops your fans from closing up, this means no more closed fans leading to uneven sets!

USE: This is an adhesive booster, it acts like a primer by accelerating the speed of your adhesive BUT unlike primer it is not designed to be applied directly to the natural lashes. Instead, the booster should be applied using a micro swab directly on the base of the lash strip, after applying wait a few seconds for it to completely dry off and start the application.

Thanks to booster the lashes won't stick together, peel off or change direction when applied, and fans will stop closing.



This product is for professional use only. For external use only. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from sources of ignition and heat. Use in well ventilated areas. Keep away from children's reach. Do not use directly on the natural eyelashes.