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This product is for professional use only. This product should only be use by trained and certified eyelash extensions technicians and should NEVER be used for diy eyelash extension removal.


Our cream lemon meringue pie eyelash extensions remover is designed to remove eyelash extensions safely and easily

- lemon meringue pie scented

- the creamy texture prevents leakage into the eye

- removes the lashes within 10 minutes

- 10g

How to use: apply eyepatches to prevent contact with skin. Using a micro swab, apply a generous layer of the remover directly onto the glue bonds. Leave for 10 minutes (depending on the amount of extensions, how fresh is the set and the amount of glue used) and remove gently with a brush or tweezer. Ensure that remover and traces of adhesive are fully removed with dry brushes before you use other products. Lash bath thoroughly and dry before asking the client to open their eyes.

Please note that if you use any liquid to remove the traces of the remover - lashes might turn white as the traces of melted adhesive will shock polymerise. 

After all the traces of the remover and adhesive are fully cleansed with dry brushes, carry out a thorough lash bath to ensure all residues have been removed.


PLEASE NOTE Remover needs to be applied with care. Product should NOT come into contact with the skin or eyes. For professional use only.