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You might be wondering what pre-treatment is and why you need it...

pre-treatment is NOT the same thing as primer. 
what’s the difference?

💚 PRE-TREATMENT: cleanses the lashes without making glue dry faster. It’s perfect to remove dirt, oils and debris that accumulate on the natural lashes and perfect after a lash bath in order to maximise retention. Pre Treatment also helps balance PH.

💛 PRIMER: cleanses the lashes, opens lash cuticles and makes glue dry faster. Primer is NOT suitable for everyone and should be use mainly on oily skin clients or when humidity is extremely low.


1️⃣  apply a drop of the eyelash cleanser directly to a micro brush

2️⃣ using a second microfibre brush, wipe the natural lashes between the two brushes and gently wipe the natural lashes from root to tip, paying close attention to the roots.

3️⃣ do NOT apply the cleanser on the skin and make sure that there is no leakage into the eye

4️⃣ make sure the lashes are dry before continuing to the application

This product is for professional use only. Keep away from children’s reach. Discontinue use if irritation occur and rinse with fresh water. If irritation persists discontinue use and consult a medical practitioner.